The Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts For Your Sister This Year

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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The festival of Raksha Bandhan holds great significance for brothers and sisters in India. Brothers gift their sisters a token of their affection when the ĎRakhií ceremony takes place. If youíre wondering what to gift your sister this year for Raksha Bandhan that she will value and treasure all her life, here are some great ideas.

When brothers and sisters exchange gifts during Raksha Bandhan festival in India, they actually convey a very important message through them. The message is one of love, loyalty, devotion and mutual protection. Both brother and sister carefully consider what gift to give, since a Raksha Bandhan gift represents the spirit and significance of the festival. So if youíre wondering what Raksha Bandhan gift your sister will treasure for a lifetime, here are some ideas.

Look For Gifts That Will Last For A Long Time
Sisterly and brotherly love are gifts that last an eternity and beyond. What kind of gift can represent this kind of long-lived glory? Consider gifts that have a life-time warranty on performance such as a fine watch. Consider a piece of high-grade gold and diamond jewelry that will stand the test of time, and can be passed on to future generations.

Instead of actually selecting the piece yourself, consider buying a gift card for a generous sum from her favorite watch or jewelry brand. Every time she puts on that fabulous watch or that diamond bracelet, she will think of you and smile. She will also pass on those precious gifts to her daughter when the time comes. What could make a better gift?

Look For Gifts That Will Be Truly Appreciated
What kind of gift will your sister truly appreciate? Peopleís tastes change over time. Maybe your sister has moved away and youíre not familiar with her changed preferences. In that case, itís best not to take any chances with the gift selection. Opt for a gift voucher from a brand that offers a wide variety of goods. Let your sister make her own selection and enjoy her shopping trip too! Your sister will always relish and treasure the beautiful things she selects for herself using your voucher.

Look For Gift Ideas Based On Her Secret Desires
We all have our dreams of collecting certain items sometime or the other. For some of us, it might be a rare book; for others, maybe the entire set of books by a top author. For some others, it could be a fine set of collectorsí item writing instruments. Most people love to collect things in their lifetimes Ė only the passions and the interests differ.

As her brother, you have the advantage of knowing your sisterís mind intimately. What does your sister like to collect? Crystal figurines, jewelry, historical artifacts or perhaps silk quilts? Find out, do some tapping into what specific item sheís looking for to add to her collection and surprise her with it. Just imagine her complete surprise and total delight! Your gift will be even more appreciated if you source a rare item for her collection from months beforehand and get it shipped over.

Look For Gift Ideas Based On Your Sisterís Needs
Anyone can buy a gift for an occasion. However, only those dear and near to us will consider our needs before buying a gift. As her brother, you will be the best judge of what your sisterís needs of the moment are.

For example, has your sister recently constructed a home and is ready to organize her housewarming function? Get her a gift certificate from a fabulous Home & Furnishing, for amazing home improvement options. Maybe sheís planning to buy herself a new food processor and is running short of funds. Your gift will come at the perfect time and help her buy what her heart desires.

As a second example, let us say your sister is planning her new wardrobe for a pending move abroad. Hereís what you could do. Get her a gift certificate from high street fashion stores. Thatís two birds with one stone Ė firstly, itíll be your Raksha Bandhan gift to her. Secondly, your gift will expand her new wardrobe options.

Look For Gifts That Will Attract Good Fortune
A very popular gift during Raksha Bandhan is the gift of money. Money, when carefully invested, multiplies itself. Itís a gift that attracts better fortune as time passes. A sound investment such as a Fixed Deposit at a good interest rate will make a great gift. It will appreciate over time, just as your love and devotion for your sister will only increase over time.

The gift of property is also something that can attract great good fortune and appreciate over time. These are big gifts, and they can come only from a big, generous heart that is full of brotherly love for the sister.

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